The Moment of Truth Bible Baptist Church was organized December 26, 1981 and the first worship service was held January 17, 1982 under the direction of the founding pastor, Rev. Robert Frederick "Fred" Coonce.  The goal in founding this church was threefold: to proclaim the uncompromised Word of God; to have a warm, loving fellowship; and to minister to the needs of God's people as well as win souls for Christ. 

Moment of Truth Baptist Church was first located at 56 E. 69 Hwy in Claycomo. It was a one-room rental with a small hall & one small restroom. The rent was $300 a month, which seemed unpayable at times, but the Lord always provided, as He would make a way where there seemed to be no way. Before the church even began, God provided. The church was given 80 folding chairs, 100 hymnals, an organ, a pulpit, a communion table, and 4 large tables for Sunday School classes. God met our every need. On the opening day, there were 18 members (8 adults and 10 children) and 40 guests in attendance.

The church stayed at this location for 3 years, until in 1985 the Lord provided a new location at 6101 N. Topping, Kansas City, MO. This church had previously been known as Maple Park Garden Bible Church. The church was struggling to survive with few members and no pastor, so they joined Moment of Truth Baptist Church, and donated the building to their new church family. At this time the church became known as the Moment of Truth Bible Church. The first official service at the new building was held on April 7, 1985 (Easter Sunday). It was a wonderful building that met every need of the growing congregation.

As the church continued to grow, it once again began to outgrow the location. The Lord then provided our current building at 310 Randolph Road in Claycomo. The first service was held at this location on Memorial Day Sunday, May 26, 1996. The church would then combine their two former names, and would become known as the Moment of Truth Bible Baptist Church.

The church was added onto in 2006 as the church's needs once again continued to grow. The church flourished under the direction of Rev. Fred Coonce, who served faithfully until God called him home on February 22, 2010.

The congregation celebrated the church's 30th anniversary at the Gospel Music Outreach on Saturday, January 21, 2012.

The church was run under the direction of Pastor Ben Smoker and Pastor William O'Toole from 2010-2014, and is currently under the direction of Pastor Phillip Coonce (son of founding pastor Fred Coonce).